Who We Are 

In the early 1980’s, Father Wright of the Episcopal Church started a program to help the needy members if his congregation during the Christmas season. A need was seen for a program of this type in the Auburn community. The program was expanded, and a board of community members was formed to spearhead the effort.

Today, the Auburn Area Christmas Basket Program is a registered non-profit organization serving nearly 550 families  and over 2,500 individuals every year.

This non-denomination effort provides needy individuals and families with 2 weeks worth of non-perishable food including, meat, bread, fruit, vegetables and even new toys for the kids.

What We Do

Volunteers begin early in the year by collecting donations and preparing for the following Christmas. Bulk suppliers are contacted for special pricing. The newspapers are sourced for ads pertaining to food and toys. Even the boxes used for the food are collected throughout the year. The wood used to make the baby cradles is produced.

By mid-year, the pace quickens. Collection barrels are readied, and locations for them are confirmed. The donations of toys and food are warehoused. All the fundraising activities are ramped up so that sufficient funds are on hand for purchasing.

As the holidays approach, the activity level rises again. Food in bulk quantities arrives, bicycles and toys are stored. The applications for individuals and families are review and cataloged. Barrels are collected and donated items are sorted. Gift certificates, new toys, meat, fruit and other perishables are purchased. The volunteers sort and box the food, and set up the Armory Building at the Gold Country Fairgrounds.

Why We Do It

Distribution day benefits applicants and volunteers alike. With food and toys in hand, the recipients can rest a little easier at Christmas. The volunteers that help park, register, and carry the donations have an experience to remember. Many volunteers come back year after year, even making this an annual family event. Who can’t be moved by a child receiving food, and a bicycle and a helmet for Christmas?

The Auburn Area Christmas Basket Program is a local effort serving local people. Donations made to the AACBP are used in this area only.

All applicant information is kept confidential and volunteers understand the sensitivity of the situation. The food that is left over is given to local charities for their own programs.